11-11-2022 Veterans Unite

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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (UnWontedWayz.com) — 10/18/2022

As the sun arose and its shine began to gleam off the side of the Great Rocky Mountains…the Warriors  Motorcycle Club rolled into downtown Colorado Springs.  Their mission: Security…

Their objective: Safety and Commerodery for the 24th Annual Veterans Stand Down in Colorado Springs, CO.

That’s right folks, for the 24th year, local non-profits, veterans advocates, motorcycle clubs and businesses alike; have joined active duty military volunteers, to make sure veterans struggling with homelessness in Colorado Springs, are prepared for winter.

As a veteran in attendance; during Tuesday’s Stand Down for Colorado’s Homeless Veterans, words are hard to find in regards to this, amazing event.  The support for veterans in this community is beyond anything, I as a veteran, have ever experienced.

In the Colorado Springs Auditorium from wall to wall; it was packed with donated goods, winter gear,  and tons tables full of information for veterans, as well as, a plethora of friendly smiling faces, ready to thank every veteran for their service to our great nation. 

Our nation is the greatest in the world, and this event is a shining example of our greatness.

From the Warriors Motorcycle Club to the newly formed U.S. Space Force, along with the El Paso County Coalition for Homeless Veterans; safety, comfort and security was top priority.  Everyone who volunteered their time, wanted to make sure unhoused veterans are properly equipped with coats, fresh socks, and blankets.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure if they’re not ready, they got what they need for the wintertime,” said Col. Michael Schriever with the U.S. Space Force.

Many of the active duty military who volunteered for the event had the same answer to the question:
Why Did You Volunteer Today?

The answer:

“The stories, these folks have some of the best stories to tell, and it’s an honor to be one of the people who get to hear them.” said, Airman Herron U. S. Air Force

While Tuesday’s event might be over, however… the help doesn’t end there.  Throughout the rest of the year, the El Paso County Coalition is working to address homelessness. They’re using grants from the state to pay rent, bills and to get veterans that are in transition, into temporary housing.

The annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event, has been around since 1998.  The effect has been amazing at fighting homelessness for veterans… And it should be a shining example to States and counties all across America, who have veterans experiencing homelessness.

For more information on the Homeless Veterans Coalition:


Community Helping Veterans


>A paper adds that Laura Silsby, the leader of the U.S. missionaries, had claimed she planned to build an orphanage in the Dominican Republic, but authorities in the country said she never submitted an application for this purpose. [1]

> it reported that while the Americans claimed to be on a humanitarian mission, “it transcended that the children were not orphans” [1]

> (From AFP: Judge Bernard Saint-vil, who is handling the case, allowed them to leave the country without bail, according to their lawyer Aviol Fleurant. But Saint-vil wants to question two other missionaries — group leader Laura Silsby and her confidante Charisa Coulter — “because they were in Haiti before the earthquake,” Fleurant added.) [2]

> “because they were in Haiti before the earthquake,” Fleurant added. [2]

1. https://wikileaks.org/plusd/cables/10BUENOSAIRES166_a.html
2. https://wikileaks.org/clinton-emails/emailid/3465






>One of Clinton’s first tasks in Haiti, however, >was to put out
>the fire of a child abduction scandal involving >American citizens.44

Click to access King.pdf


From Clinton emails. someone x-ref to FBI.

Literally pricing out how much it costs to move the children wtf!


Directors: Laura Silsby and Charisa Coulter
Interim D.R. Address: Cabarete, DR Permanent DR Address: Playa Magante, DR
U.S. Address: 1577 N. Linder Rd Kuna, ID 83634

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2014-20439 Doc No. C05766639 Date: 08/31/2015

• For God to guide us to the children He wants us to bring to NLCR and for their physical,
emotional and spiritual healing

Donation Requests: Funds or Supplies as outlined below

Rescue Mission in Haiti

• RI Flights for the NLCR/CVBC team: $400/each from Las Vegas to Santo Domingo, $220

from Boise to Las Vegas
• Transportation of the Children: $1800 to charter a bus in the DR to bring 100 children

to safety in the DR

• Food: during transport of the children —protein bars, pediasure, formula,
• Water: will need to buy in Santo Domingo, DR before heading into Haiti

Upon arrival to NLCR in DR

• Food/Water: $/week dependent on number of children

• Medical Supplies: Deworming medication, Anti-Diarrhea meds, Antibiotic ointments,

splints, bandages, antiseptic wipes, hand santizers, disposable gloves, children’s tylenol
• Hygiene: disposable diapers, pull-ups, wipes, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, soap

• Bedding: lightweight blankets & sheets for 45 full size beds, and 90 twin size beds
• Clothing & Shoes for children ages 0-12years

• Small stuffed animals, dolls, toys, coloring books

Tax Deductible Donations can be made to New Life Children’s Refuge through Central Valley
Baptist Church or can deposit or wire directly into the NLCR Bank account at Wells Fargo.



True on Haiti
This was the group that got busted by Haitian Authorities trying to Traffic kids.

They’re in the Clinton Emails;
=Pitch for funding or some shit, super sketchy.

This looks like Mills & co are drafting statements following extradition.

Huma updating HRC on the status.


Read the emails and then look how close Epstien’s island is to Haiti….




Click to access King.pdf


On March 17, 2010, after careful verification of identities by the Social
Welfare Ministry of Haiti, 32 out of the 33 children were returned to their
families (the last one being returned shortly thereafter),61 thus confirming
that none of the children were orphans.
Previously, Silsby had told an Associated Press reporter that the children
were delivered to the missionaries by “distant relatives” or “orphanages
that had collapsed in the quake,” adding that “‘[t]hey are very precious
kids that have lost their homes and families and are so deeply in need of,
most of all, God’s love and his compassion.’



The clintons ensured her release, that’s why Huma is updating HRC on the sitch and they’re drafting statements in the clinton leaks!





Let’s make this Simple… Here is [THEIR] Plan.



This is the bombshell that has emerged from the leaked audio out of China, for which a full English translation and transcript has now been published by whistleblower Jennifer Zeng.

∆ China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California, as Biden and Newsom serve as China’s accomplices.

∆ Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

∆ China’s shutdowns of Shanghai and Beijing were actually a cover story to allow the military to use sea port infrastructure to load cargo ships with military supplies in preparation for a large-scale “D-Day” land invasion.

∆ Although the United States is not specifically mentioned in the leaked audio, the preparations refer to a “Final War” and are deemed far too extensive to merely be targeting Taiwan.

∆ The invasion forces would cross the Pacific disguised as merchant ships / cargo ships. Once they arrive within short-range rocket range, containers on the top of these ocean vessels would open up and launch short-range rockets, including tactical battlefield nuclear weapons, striking National Guard and military bases in California. Chinese troops would then land on the beaches. They would seize the ports (such as Long Beach), then use the ports to land heavier ships which would offload armor, artillery, and other heavy weapon of war. From there, China would have established a beachhead similar to the way allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy in World War II.

∆ China and Russia have pre-staged large caches of weapons, uniforms, RPGs, automatic weapons, night vision equipment and other military gear across the United States, county by county. These equipment caches will be activated when the CCP and Russian civilians are told to “go hot” and begin carrying out domestic sabotage operations targeting the US power grid, fuel refineries, railways and other infrastructure targets. From the transcript of the leaked audio, “We should take the way of using civilians to cover and support the military… We will mobilize overseas Chinese and overseas Chinese organizations to actively participate in supporting our military operations.”

∆ China is deliberately stockpiling massive quantities of food supplies (grains), microchips, ammunition, commodities and other items in preparation for being economically cut off by the West, just as the USA and NATO did to Russia. This further implies that China is preparing to attack the West and is anticipating the West’s response by watching what the USA and NATO have done to Russia.

Joe Biden has ownership in CCP/CHINA LITHIUM COMPANY.


DEEP STATE members from all across the world, are pushing CLIMATE CHANGE… Doing so for several reasons…

One of the main reasons, they need to go with a full production of lithium powered cars and replace their fuel powered cars.

That’s why every major car company in the world is producing more than half of its market ability, to go to Lithium Powered Vehicles by the end of 2023.

CCP/CHINA was already in talks with the TALIBAN and the Biden/Obama Regimen



At the same moment in the chaos initiate CLIMATE CHANGE World Initiatives by leans of Military Weather Modification Weapon Systems (WEATHER WEAPONS) = CONFUSION

CHAOS, FLOODS. DROUGHTS, fires, mass storms & Hurricanes, Abnormal winters, ect.

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome Simplex

[They] had already planned to execute the PLANDEMIC Action Plan

[DISTRACTIONS] this distraction would cover the VACCINES DEATHS (BIOWEAPON ATTACK)


BY SUMMER 2023 gas will be inflated to possibly $9 a gallon, give or take, in the U.S and consumers world wide, will be forced to GO [FAKE] GREEN & buy an electric car

TRILLIONS of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ are just sitting in Afghanistan; by means of large lithium deposits



No more gas powered cars… They say… Right?

Meaning; they can shut off your electric car at any moment… For any reason… If you do not comply with [Their] plans


In this company he’s [JB] heavenly invested in:

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL)

Next STAGE of [ their] plan…
Get you hooked on legal drugs… cocktail’s



Now they have introduced Covid / Monkey Pox / Polio / Small Pox Pills and are currently Pushing Them Through Approval WITHOUT A SINGLE HUMAN TEST / TRIAL






We are in Stage 5 – Phase 5 Most People Still Think We Are Going Back To Normal!?

PHASE 1: Simulate A Threat & Create Fear (December 2019-March 2020)

Mount a pandemic in China.

Kill tens of thousands of elderly people.

Increase the number of cases and deaths.

Position vaccination as the only solution from the beginning.

Focus all attention on Covid-19.

Result, (almost) general panic.

PHASE 2: Sow the Tares & Division (March 2020-December 2020)

Impose multiple unnecessary, liberticidal and unconstitutional coercive measures.

Paralyze trade and the economy.

Observe the submission of a majority and the resistance of a rebellious minority.

Stigmatize the rebels and create a horizontal division.

Censoring dissident leaders.

Punish disobedience.

Generalize PCR tests.

Create confusion between cases, infected, sick, hospitalized and dead.

Disqualify all effective treatments.

Hope for a rescue vaccine.

Result, (almost) general panic.

PHASE 3: Bring a Treacherous & Deadly Solution (December 2020-June 2021)

Offer a free vaccine for everyone.

Promise protection and return to normality.

Establish a herd immunization target.

Simulate a partial recovery of the economy.

Hide statistics of side effects and deaths from injections.

Passing off the side effects of the injections as “natural” effects of the virus and the disease.

Recover the notion of a variant as a natural mutation of the virus.

Justify the maintenance of coercive measures by not applying the herd immunity threshold.

Punish health professionals for the illegal exercise of care and healing.

Result, doubts and feelings of betrayal among the vaxx, discouragement among opponents.

The Enemy

PHASE 4: Install Apartheid & The QR Code (June 2021-October 2021)

Voluntarily plan for shortages.

Impose the vaccination pass (QR code) to reward the vaccinated, punish the resistant.

Create an Apartheid of the privileged against the others.

Take away the right to work or study from non-vaxx.

Withdraw basic services to the non-vaxx.

Impose PCR payment tests on non-vaxx.

Result, First stage of digital control, impoverishment of opponents.

PHASE 5: Establish Chaos & Martial Law (November 2021-March 2022)

Exploit the shortage of goods and food.

Cause the paralysis of the real economy and the closure of factories and shops.

Let unemployment explode.

Apply a third dose to the vaxx (boosters).

Take up the murder of the living old men.

Impose compulsory vaccination for all.

Amplify the myth of variants, the efficacy of the vaccine and the immunity of the herd.

Demonize the anti-vaxx and hold them responsible for the dead.

Arrest opposition leaders.

Impose digital identity on everyone (QR code): Birth certificate, identity document, passport, driving license, health insurance card …

Establish martial law to defeat the opposition.

Result, Second stage of digital control.

Imprisonment or removal of opponents.

PHASE 6: Cancel The Debts & Dematerialize The Money (March 2022-September 2022)

Trigger the economic, financial and stock market collapse, the bankruptcy of the banks.

To rescue the losses of the banks in the accounts of their clients.

Activate the «Great Reset».

De-materialize money.

Cancel debts and loans.

Impose the digital portfolio. (Digital Wallet)

Seize properties and land.

Ban all global medicines.

Confirm the obligation to vaccinate semi-annually or annually.

Impose food rationing and a diet based on the Codex Alimentarius.

Extend the measures to emerging countries.

Result, Third stage of digital control.

Extension of the NWO to the whole planet must be stopped!






Joe Bidey has ownership in CCP Government Lithium Company

Deep State across the world is pushing Climate Change

Several Reasons:

Main reason is to go full Lithium in batteries running electric Cars

That’s why every major car manufacturer=>

Producing half of its market to go towards Lithium by 2023

Motor Side Now Compromised

Watch battery manufacturing

*CCP China Talks with Taliban for reasons of Afghanistan lithium deposits


Key: Biden/Obama Rejoin UN (EU Control)

Deep State/cabal => UN OBAMA, GPMB
Rothschilds=> Bilderberg=> WEF=> NGOs | Rockefellers=> World Bank {Vatican}

Already planned to execute the plandemic plan / within the same time of the covid chaos initiate climate change, logistical issues

Weather Weaponry leading to confusion/chaos (floods, drought, fires, massive storms, hurricanes, abnormal winters, Etc.)



(Bioweapon) Attack Spring 2023

GAS prices go up further and further

Summer 2023 GAs 9 dollars plus a gallon

US Consumers (FORCED) =>

Push FAKE Climate change
push for GREEN electric Cars to be mandatory

Trillions of $ in Afghanistan and mining for lithium
Go to companies that CCP owns and thus the investors (Biden family) will benefit potentially by 10s of billions of dollars

Next Part (Going lithium)

*Control Electric Cars => Control movements
*No more gas cars=> Control markets

Ability to Shut off your electric car at any moment for any reason if you do not Comply

Food Shortages get worse and worse
Hydro Car Censorship and secretly banned patents

Planned Destruction > [Force People To Comply]



Heavy investments in:



Get you hooked on legal drugs cocktails


*Now they have introduced Covid Pills for health control

Better get Ready To:

Rise & Fight =>


Criminal Investigation Murder + Crimes against Humanity

-220125009 Case #? UK= Similar EVERYWHERE CITY Health Boards Notice Military Group of

Myanmar Seized Several George Soros Bank Accounts

-Open Society Foundation => Voter FRAUD => Arrest Warrants Financial Support of 11 Members civil disobedience movement against the military. JUNTA $5 Million into Myanmar banks

Summer 2023 Most Important Summer of 21ST Century 

-$1.4 mill Stolen = Influence of Politics = Civil Society Organizations Similar in USA Elections Politics Soros, CLINTONS / AuNg Sansuykis

-Burma elections = Obama lobbied Myanmar Banned Facebook + Twitter.  For Anti-Military promotion

Project DEEP DREAM A. I. WORLDWIDE [EXPOSURE 7/20/22 [SIGNIFICANT] leads to soldiers rising up Worldwide

-5 Eye Nations October 2O22 FREEDOM v2 STAND Take DOWN GRID / Info Systems

-Winter 2022 Catastrophic Brace for Impact SHTF => CHINA COUP

-New Federation of China & ALL Large Country’s Coup against Deep State Governments

Taramar > site usa shut down 7/12/2019

-XUSA (Project) => Environment NoN PrOFit Org (oCean Protect). • 2012 Founded Sept 26, 2012

-Monterey Cal Ghislaine Maxwell Blue Ocean Film fest JEFFERY EPSTEIN (one week) 

-Conservation Conference Podesta, Jon

2013 Founded Terramar UK • Salsbury, UK (Wiltshire) new sarum Cathedral, Salsbury

-Ghislaine Maxwell

-Steven Haft clean oceans WEF sustainable development goals

-Amir Dossal film producer millennium dev goals

-Sunderlal Bahuguna

-Prince Charles 

-River Avon, Hampshire


-River Ebble 

-Les Wexner 

-University of Texas- 2014- TED Talk +TEDX 

-Chris Anderson

-Vancouver (Sapling Foundation)

-United Nations (Office (Geneva), HQ 

-Stuart Beck (Lawrence Woodmere Academy = Lawrence, Nassau County, New York 

-Reykjavík, Iceland = Arctic Circle Assembly 2013 -List of Northern most items


Global Commons

-Council on Foreign Relations. 6/2014 Maxwell & Borgerson (DC) CFR Event ·Foreign Affairs = Walter Lippmann = War & Peace Studies


-TED TURNER *Terramar Address Tax FILINGS = 2012-2015 New York City, NY = 2016 +2017 → Woburn, Massachusetts Middlesex, County Mass / Winchester, Mass


-New YORK Times => Zero Money in Grants (Out)) By Terramar but, unusual high Accounting & legal Fees 2012-2017


* Terramar (UK) a separate Private Limited Company) in UK (Maxwell Ran) Similar to Terra Mar Project (August 2013)

< England & Wales ACTIVE W/ Salisbury address last Company file 7/10/2019


*(uk) reportedly joined the “Secretive Telegram Messenger app Service”

on the date that Epstein died in jail. 

-convention on the High Seas

-international waterways — Danube / Bosporus Dardanelles

If they want to silence ME AND ban me from online society…

Then I will gladly do a data dump Of all their secrets, that I promise.

Game On Cabal!


WEF 2030 Agenda Accelerated

WEF/ UN Partnership

-Protection of Diplomats Convention 

*SCI Starter * 

Discover PBS

Darlene Cavalier 

Philly Media Network 

Citizen Science 

Arizona State School for the Future of Innovation in Society 






Back In 1999…

SpArTiCuS Talks CoViD-19 Origins: The Money / Those Who Where Involved From Day One…





“Dark power” conceals itself in order to sustain itself. We are in a Silent War to expose and eliminate it. Digital soldiers fight against corruption.

One of the most powerful things one can do is to name a previously unnamed phenomenon. The conflict was are currently immersed in seems to be picking up the moniker The Silent War.

Its occulted nature is that Silent War happens in the shadows, under the ground, in secret, in the skies, and beyond perception. Just as the Cold War was “like industrialised war, but visibly fought everywhere between nations”, this Silent War is “like ye olde war, but invisibly fought everywhere and by everyone”.

To make sense of what seems to be going on, I have some data points that may be of help to you. In How we stay blind to the story of power the British investigative journalist Jonathan Cook writes (with my emphasis):

Very obviously power’s main concern is the ability to conceal itself. Its exposure as power weakens it, by definition. Once exposed, power faces questions about its legitimacy, its methods, its purposes. Power does not want to be seen, it does not want to be confined, it does not want to be held accountable. It wants absolute freedom to reproduce itself, and ideally to amass more power.

Here he hints at the potential for (unaccountable) “dark power” to create systems to reproduce itself as a kind of parasite on the (accountable) “light power” of civil society. Where might this take us? He continues…

That is why true power makes itself as invisible and as inscrutable as it can. Like a mushroom, power can grow only in darkness. That is why it is the hardest thing to write about in ways that are intelligible to those under its spell, which is most of us, most of the time. Because power coopts language, words are inadequate to the task of describing the story of real power.

Note that this is from someone who identifies with the political left. Power that comes from secrecy and deceit is on a good-evil axis, not left-right. Invisible dark power entraps people, usurps their free will, and appropriates their resources — so as to fuel its evil ends. These in turn are presented as being meritorious and virtuous to its victims!

Carrying this theme further, in The Origins of the Deep State in North America, Canadian journalist Matthew Ehret writes (again my emphasis):

If a society can be kept under the control of their belief in what their senses tell them, then the invisible structures governing their behaviour will remain mystical and unknowable. More importantly than that, those intentions shaping such structures towards a pre-determined goal will also remain unknowable. If unknowable, then beyond the reach of judgement, and if beyond the reach of judgement, then unchangeable.

This suggests that such “dark power” might be sustained over very long periods, and with specific goals in mind. How long? Well…

This has been the great secret of empire since the days of the Babylonian priesthood and Babylon’s whore Rome, since whose collapse, three more incarnations have manifested themselves in the forms of the Byzantine, Venice and Anglo-Dutch empires. This is the dynamic at the heart of what has today come to be known as “the Deep State”.

There is a simplistic view of society that “dark power” is confined to small-scale “conspiracies”, and that these cannot coalesce and become a cancer of criminal culture. Exposure would be too easy: one whistleblower, and the media would pick up on it. The existence of totalitarian societies shows this to be false: dark power can grow to displace the light, via violence, subversion, and deception.

In the case of the modern West, what if the mass media was itself corrupt to the core, and little more than a mouthpiece for Globalist gangster government? What if an alliance of secret societies, intelligence agencies, bloodline families, corrupt officials, and usurious bankers colluded to rob the rest of the population and enslave them? What if they used extortion, blackmail, and mind control technology to achieve their ends?

The false assumption of many is that such a totalitarian “Deep State” couldn’t happen. An “incredulity barrier” stops otherwise rational people from seeing what is staring them in the face. The Western mass media has sold them endless false flag attacks, fake health scares, and fraudulent
politicians. Nonetheless, the masses keep on watching the TV news, as if it were healthy and wholesome factual information.

This is captured neatly by the indomitable joeM

The battle we are immersed in is one to awaken the masses to a very unpleasant reality. Crimes against humanity have been occurring on our watch, and without us paying attention. Millions of children are disappearing into human trafficking networks, never to be seen again. Billions of people are being poisoned by their food, environment, and medicines. Everyone is being ripped off by a banking system founded upon debt slavery, asset bubbles, and warmongering. The corporate media is just a mouthpiece of this structural elite.

So what if the “good people” organised themselves — likely over a long period— to change this tragic and longstanding state of affairs? What if there was an exigency to this process, as the cancer of corruption threatened to kill its host? What if we are right now witnessing The Silent War break through into the open?

The following anonymous post from the boards (that I have truncated) comes via @M2Madness:

Tweet by @M2Madness
The Silent War has a traditional kinetic component. For instance, there have been many seismic events that would indicate the destruction of underground military bases, for their signature is not a natural one. There is also a spiritual component, as the Satanic method is to invert right and wrong, and to encourage good people to join in movements with bad outcomes by persuading them (by deception) it is the moral thing to do.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it is an information war. The mass media has been weaponised by criminals — many of whom are loyal to foreign states. This means these institutions literally are an enemy of the people. The “guns” of information warfare in the hands of citizens are computers, internet connections, and social media. This fight for narrative supremacy — between the Deep State media and the Patriot public — is now coming to a head.

Which is where “digital soldiers” come in — to borrow a term from General Flynn. We are an irregular insurgent force on a real battlefield, with physical world consequences to our fight. This very newsletter is a piece of terrain in the war: I have chosen to speak my mind and to fight. I am a strategic communications asset, too, likely monitored by the military as a consequence. Glad to be of service!

For some of us have seen the enemy’s eyes, and we will not cease our pursuit until their propaganda factory is out of action. No more will we tolerate media being a tool to protect the guilty and ruin the innocent. The days of naively allowing our family to be socially engineered via purported
“entertainment” are over.

The mass media’s control over the public psyche is dependent on the true nature of “dark power” remaining concealed. Crucial to the mass media’s grand deception is that the “dots” — of wars, crimes, and crooks — do not get joined up. The public’s attention is endlessly drawn from one manufactured story to the next, without them ever being connected. There has, until now, always been a new distraction lined up ready to seize the headlines should anything awkward come to light that needs to be buried.

As digital soldiers, our battle is to connect what was not connected, to set upright that which was inverted, and to shine light on that power that was previously in the dark. We provide a true, transparent, and accountable alternative to the corrupt corporate mass media. This conflict will be won when the masses get the “big picture” of dark power — and how it has abused, robbed, and enslaved them for generations.

Expect a noisy Great Awakening to end the Silent War.


NEW SHOW EPISODES AND DATA – (Published June ’22)


ChiLLiN Like A ViLLiaN Show: 7/3/2022
FIRE & FURY FRONT: 7/2/2022
THE DOPE: 6/18/2022
THE DOPE: Intel Report – 6/29/2022
New Wayz 2 Wake Up: 6/16/2022
ChiLLiN Like A ViLLiaN Show: 6/27/2022

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Major Nuclear War Targets in America – Do You Live Near One?

~ Listed below are the primary nuclear targets for every state, these are places you want to avoid living or working in or Be near. 

~ Keep in mind that there are also secondary and territory targets in every state that are too numerous to list.  Do your own research!!

~ If you do happen to live near one of these places or downwind of them you need to take appropriate measures to protect your family. 

~ You need a fall out shelter that you can spend at least 1 week inside of that will protect you from high levels of gamma radiation. 

~ The best shelters are solid concrete basements of houses and other buildings.  Subway tunnels and other underground tunnels facilities are great too. 


Generally you will want to be 100 miles MINIMUM from a Major Target when the bombs go off

~ Entire Washington D.C. area including Northern Virginia Suburbs all the way to the WVA line and southern Maryland are a NO-GO ZONE due to the multitude of military bases, clandestine sites, bunkers, intelligence agency headquarters, chemical/biological research facilities, and more. 

~ The biggest targets by far are Malmstrom, Minot, and Warren Air Force Bases which are home to our land-based nuclear Deterrent – the Minuteman ICBM’s.  These three bases and the surrounding missile fields which are spread out up to 30 miles from the bases will sustain hundreds of nuclear blasts.  Expect massive fallout downwind of these areas that will contaminate a large area.

~ Other major targets are Whiteman AFB in Missouri, home of the B2 Stealth Bombers which are the air-based nuclear Deterrent.  Barksdale AFB in Louisiana, home of Air Force Global Strike Command which is essentially the command and control of our nuclear forces. 

~ Kings Bay, Georgia which is home to our Atlantic Fleet of Ohio-Class Subs and SLBM’s which are part of our sea-based nuclear Deterrent.  Bangor, Washington which is home to our Pacific fleet of Ohio-Class Subs and Trident missile storage facility which represent a major part of our sea-based nuclear Deterrent.  Peterson AFB/NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain Complex are also a major target.

-Anniston Army Depot
-Redstone Arsenal

-ARS – Alaska Radar System **MAJOR TARGET** – Located in 15 remote sites across Alaska: Cape Lisburne, Cape Newenham, Cape Romanzof, Kotzebue, Tin City, King Salmon, Fort Yukon, Indian Mountain, Murphy Dome, Tatalina, Sparrevohn, Cold Bay , Point Barrow, Oliktok, and Barter Island
-Elmendorf AFB
-Fort Greely 

-Airforce Plant No 44
-Davis Monthan AFB
-Navajo Army Depot

-Little Rock AFB
-Pine Bluff Arsenal

-Beale AFB
-Camp Pendleton
-Lawrence/Livermore National Lab **MAJOR TARGET**
-Lemoore Naval Air Station
-Los Angeles AFB
-North Island NAS
-Over the Horizon Radar – Los Banos
-Over the Horizon Radar – Lost Hills
-Port Hueneme
-Port Mugu Pacific Missile Test Complex
-Stockton Naval Communications System
-Travis AFB
-Vandenburg AFB

-Buckley AFB
-Peterson AFB/NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain Complex **MAJOR TARGET**
-Pueblo Chemical Depot 
-Schriever AFB

-New london Naval Submarine base **MAJOR TARGET**

-Dover AFB

-Cape Canaveral -Patrick AFB
-Jacksonville Naval Air Station
-MacDill AFB
-Tyndall AFB  

-Fort Benning
-Fort Stewart
Kings Bay – SLBM base **MAJOR TARGET**

-Fort Shaffer
-Hickam AFB
-Kaneohe Marine Corps Station
-Laulaulei Naval Weapons magazine/radio station
-Pearl Harbor NAS
-Wahiawa Naval Reservation
-Wheeler Army Airfield

Idaho National labs **MAJOR TARGET**

-Scott AFB

-Camp Atterbury

-Fort Riley
-Fort McConnell

-Paducah plant

-Barksdale AFB **MAJOR TARGET**

-U.S. Naval Radio Station Cutler **MAJOR TARGET**

-Andrews AFB  **MAJOR TARGET**
-Fort Detrick **MAJOR TARGET**
-Fort Meade **MAJOR TARGET**
-Globecom Radio Recieving Station
-Camp David **MAJOR TARGET**

-Otis AFB

-Selfridge ANG near Mt Clemens

-No primary targets

-Stennis Space Center

-Kansas City Nuclear Weapons Plant
-Whiteman AFB **MAJOR TARGET**

-Malmstrom AFB **MAJOR TARGET**


-Area 51 **MAJOR TARGET**
-Creech MB
-Hawthorne Army Ammunition Depot
-Nellis AFB
-Tonopah AFS/AFB

New Hampshire
-New Boston Air Force Station

New Jersey
-Fort Dix

New Mexico
-Cannon AFB
-Holloman AFB 
-Kirtland AFB **MAJOR TARGET**
-Los Alamos National Lab **MAJOR TARGET**
-Sandia National Lab **MAJOR TARGET**

New York
-Brookhaven National Lab **MAJOR TARGET**

North Carolina
-Camp LeJeune
-Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station
-Fort Bragg
-Sunny Point Military Ocean Terminal

North Dakota
-Cavalier AFS
-Grandforks AFB

-Piketon Uranium Enrichment Facility or Portsmouth Facility
-Wright-patterson AFB

-Tinker AFB

-Over the horizon radar, Christmas valley

-Raven Rock Mountain Complex and Fort Ritchie **MAJOR TARGETS**

Rhode Island
-No significant targets though Massachusets and nearby New London,CT have targets

South Carolina
-Naval Weapons Station Charleston

South Dakota
-Ellsworth AFB **MAJOR TARGET** 

-Arnold Engineering Development Center

-Dyess AFB
-Fort Bliss
-Pantex Plant **MAJOR TARGET**

-Dugway proving ground
-Tooele Army Depot

-No major targets, though nearby New Hampshire has one

-Craney Island Disposal Area
-Fort Belvoir
-Langley AFB
-Mount Weather **MAJOR TARGET**
-Naval Base Norfolk **MAJOR TARGET**
-Naval Facility Engineering Command
-Oceana Naval Air station

-Bangor Submarine Base and Brementon Naval Base **MAJOR TARGET**
-Fairchild AFB
-Indian Island Naval Ammo Depot
-Jim creek Naval Station **MAJOR TARGET**
-McChord AFB
-NSA Listening Post, Yakima
-Whidbey Island Naval Air Station

West Virginia
-Sugar Grove Radio station
-Yeager Airport, Charleston

-No major targets





Video That Supposedly Violated “TERMS”


Begins To Go After Content creators Who Speak About Topics The Main Stream Media Labels Fake/False or Is Actively Working To Cover Up. War on The Truth Is In Full Swing.


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“After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared.  Theli Great Mover renews the ages: / Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel, and plague, / Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.  In the sky, one sees fire…”


Fire in the skies… Nostradamus Predicted for this year 2022

Could this be a prediction of a recently observed plasma Ejection from the sun; that is currently heading straight towards earth?

A ‘Dead Sunspot’ launched a ball of plasma toward Earth.  The coronal mass ejection were observed being launched from “dead” sunspot AR 2987 on April 11, 2022.

The “corpse” of a sunspot exploded Monday (April 11), triggering a mass ejection of solar material that is headed in Earth’s direction.

Fire in the skies… Nostradamus Predicted for this year 2022.

“After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared,” Nostradamus wrote.

“Theli Great Mover renews the ages: / Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel, and plague, / Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running.  In the sky, one sees fire…”

Could this be a prediction of a recently observed plasma Ejection from the sun; that is currently heading straight towards earth?

A ‘Dead Sunspot’ launched a ball of plasma toward Earth.  The coronal mass ejection were observed being launched from “dead” sunspot AR 2987 on April 11, 2022.

The “corpse” of a sunspot exploded Monday (April 11), triggering a mass ej

The solar explosion comes courtesy of a dead sunspot called AR2987.

The sunspot explosion released loads of energy in the form of radiation, which also led to a coronal mass ejection (CME) — explosive balls of solar material — both of which could spur more intense northern lights in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The material in that CME is likely to impact Earth on April 14.

Sunspots are dark regions on the surface of the sun. They are caused by intense magnetic flux from the sun’s interior.

These spots are temporary and can last anywhere from hours to months. The idea of a “dead” sunspot is more poetic than scientific, but the convection of the sun breaks these spots apart, leaving in their wake magnetically disturbed, bits of quiet solar surface.

Occasionally sunspots can ‘restart,’ with more magnetism appearing later (days, weeks) at the same region, as if a weakness was made in the convection zone, or as if there is an unstable region under the surface that is particularly good at generating magnetic fields beneath.

Whatever the future of AR2987, the sunspot let out a C-class solar flare at 5:21 Universal Time Monday (April 11).

Such flares happen when the plasma and magnetic fields above the sunspot give way under stress; they accelerate outward, because they would run into dense material if they went downward toward the sun’s interior.

C-class flares are fairly common and rarely cause any impacts on Earth directly. Sometimes, as with today’s eruption, solar flares can trigger coronal mass ejections, which are huge eruptions of plasma and magnetic fields from the sun that travel outward into space at millions of miles per hour. C-class solar flares rarely trigger CMEs, according to SpaceWeatherLive, and when they do, the CMEs are usually slow and weak.

When CMEs hit the magnetic field surrounding Earth, the charged particles within the ejection can travel down the magnetic field lines that emanate from the North and South Poles and interact with the gases in the atmosphere, releasing energy in the forms of photons and creating the shifting, dazzling curtains known as the aurora — the northern and southern lights.

During quiet times on the sun’s surface, a stream of particles known as the solar wind is enough to trigger the aurora in the polar regions. During a large CME, the greater disturbance to the planet’s magnetic field means that the aurora may appear over a much broader range.

A so-called cannibal CME raced toward Earth at the end of March, triggering auroras in Canada, the northern U.S., and New Zealand.

The CME released Monday might yield a minor (G1) geomagnetic storm on April 14, meaning that there could be minor impacts on satellite operations and weak fluctuations in the power grid. 

The aurora may become visible at lower latitudes than usual, as far south as northern Michigan and Maine.

All of this activity is fairly par for the course for the sun. It’s a time of increased activity for our nearest star, which goes through periods of quiet and activity known as solar cycles.

The sun is currently in Solar Cycle 25, the 25th since formal observations began in 1755. The number of sunspots during this cycle is on the upswing and is expected to peak in 2025, which means more opportunities for solar storms — and auroras.

Strong geomagnetic storms were also observed on Sunday (April 10), but there have been no other Earth-directed CMEs observed in the past 24 hours other than the one spit out by AR2987’s remnants.

Was Nostradamus correct and is this the event he warned of?  Time will tell.  Let’s hope that he was wrong with this prediction.


A ‘Dead Sunspot’ launched a ball of plasma toward Earth.  The coronal mass ejection were observed being launched from “dead” sunspot AR 2987 on April 11, 2022.

The “corpse” of a sunspot exploded Monday (April 11), triggering a mass ejection of solar material that is headed in Earth’s direction.

The solar explosion comes courtesy of a dead sunspot called AR2987.

The sunspot explosion released loads of energy in the form of radiation, which also led to a coronal mass ejection (CME) — explosive balls of solar material — both of which could spur more intense northern lights in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The material in that CME is likely to impact Earth on April 14.

Sunspots are dark regions on the surface of the sun. They are caused by intense magnetic flux from the sun’s interior.

These spots are temporary and can last anywhere from hours to months. The idea of a “dead” sunspot is more poetic than scientific, but the convection of the sun breaks these spots apart, leaving in their wake magnetically disturbed, bits of quiet solar surface.

Occasionally sunspots can ‘restart,’ with more magnetism appearing later (days, weeks) at the same region, as if a weakness was made in the convection zone, or as if there is an unstable region under the surface that is particularly good at generating magnetic fields beneath.

Whatever the future of AR2987, the sunspot let out a C-class solar flare at 5:21 Universal Time Monday (April 11).

Such flares happen when the plasma and magnetic fields above the sunspot give way under stress; they accelerate outward, because they would run into dense material if they went downward toward the sun’s interior.

C-class flares are fairly common and rarely cause any impacts on Earth directly. Sometimes, as with today’s eruption, solar flares can trigger coronal mass ejections, which are huge eruptions of plasma and magnetic fields from the sun that travel outward into space at millions of miles per hour. C-class solar flares rarely trigger CMEs, according to SpaceWeatherLive, and when they do, the CMEs are usually slow and weak.

When CMEs hit the magnetic field surrounding Earth, the charged particles within the ejection can travel down the magnetic field lines that emanate from the North and South Poles and interact with the gases in the atmosphere, releasing energy in the forms of photons and creating the shifting, dazzling curtains known as the aurora — the northern and southern lights.

During quiet times on the sun’s surface, a stream of particles known as the solar wind is enough to trigger the aurora in the polar regions. During a large CME, the greater disturbance to the planet’s magnetic field means that the aurora may appear over a much broader range.

A so-called cannibal CME raced toward Earth at the end of March, triggering auroras in Canada, the northern U.S., and New Zealand.

The CME released Monday might yield a minor (G1) geomagnetic storm on April 14, meaning that there could be minor impacts on satellite operations and weak fluctuations in the power grid. 

The aurora may become visible at lower latitudes than usual, as far south as northern Michigan and Maine.

All of this activity is fairly par for the course for the sun. It’s a time of increased activity for our nearest star, which goes through periods of quiet and activity known as solar cycles.

The sun is currently in Solar Cycle 25, the 25th since formal observations began in 1755. The number of sunspots during this cycle is on the upswing and is expected to peak in 2025, which means more opportunities for solar storms — and auroras.

Strong geomagnetic storms were also observed on Sunday (April 10), but there have been no other Earth-directed CMEs observed in the past 24 hours other than the one spit out by AR2987’s remnants.

Was Nostradamus correct and is this the event he warned of?  Time will tell.  Let’s hope that he was wrong with this prediction.


Dominion Voting Systems Gave Patents In 2019, To China Bank

Secrets Of Electronic Voting Manipulations And CounterMeasures

While speculations abound as-to relatively similar age-old adages attributable to yet other people surrounding the manipulation of votes cast by populations worldwide, even more important information has surfaced.

For more than the past decade, a plethora of questions surround ‘high-technology’ issues in-to ‘voting manipulations’ ( counterfeiting, liquid chemical matrix compound copying, fraudulent templating, etc. ), ‘security countermeasure features’ and ‘anti-security counter-countermeasure features’ having remained hidden from public view; a few of which, are now briefly outlined within the following list ( immediately below ):

– Voting Ballot Machines;

– Electronic Programmable Read Only Memory ( EPROM ) integrated circuit ( I-C ) ‘chips’ ( plugged in-to an electronic circuit board or soldered into a plug-in module;

– Voting Ballot Light Sensitive Paper;

– Voting Ballot Embedded Magnetic Media Paper;

– Voting Ballot Optical Character Recognition ( OCR ) BarCode Imagery Paper;

– Voting Ballot Embedded WaterMark Imagery Paper;

– Voting Ballot Printing Chemical Matrix Compound Inks;

– Voting Management Systems; and,

– Voting TeleCommunication Networks;

Much further below, this report provides details into some of the majority of the aforementioned items, which will be quite amazing to most people.

Communist People’s Republic of China Financially Captured Collateral Of America’s Dominion Voting Systems, Machines And Security Software Application Holdings –

The information source of origination came well-documented from the U.S. federal government as mentioned by the United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ), and elsewhere, including:

The proprietary Original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ) financial collateral owner ( in CANADA ) was HSBC interalia interalia the HONGKONG SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION of CHINA that was ‘officially assigned eighteen ( 18 ) different Patents’ listed within one ( 1 ) Patent Assignment’ on September 25, 2019 that belonged to DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ).

The ‘Security Agreement’ pertaining to all Intellectual Property Rights pursuant to those 18 Patents listed in ‘Schedule A’ was signed by, Michael McGee, Authorized Signor on behalf of DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ).

Pertinent Patent Numbers –



















References –

http://legacy-assignments.uspto.gov/assignments/assignment-pat-50500-236.pdf &

https://assignment.uspto.gov/patent/index.html#/patent/search/resultAssignment?id=50500-236 &

DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED Patent Assignment to HSBC ( U.S. Patent Office, Assignments ): https://assignment.uspto.gov/patent/index.html#/patent/search/resultAssignee?assigneeName=HSBC BANK CANADA, AS COLLATERAL AGENT &

U.S. Patent 8, 910, 865 B2 – Ballot level security features for optical scan voting machine capable of ballot image processing, secure ballot printing, and ballot layout authentication and verification ( See, e.g. https://patents.google.com/patent/US8910865B2/en?assignee=”Dominion+Voting”&oq=”Dominion+Voting”

Research References ( Relative ) –

‘Stolen Election: Ongoing Links To Evidence’ by, Kerry Cassidy ( Project Camelot ): https://projectcamelotportal.com/2020/11/05/the-sting/ &

‘Election Fraud’ by, Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot ( Twitter ): https://mobile.twitter.com/projectcamelot/status/1325829750976249856

U.S. Footprint Of Dominion Voting Systems Incorporated

Actively deployed throughout America’s states wherein a plethora of voting districts in precincts Dominion Voting Systems Incorporated ‘hardware’ equipment with ‘software’ applications exist within what is referred to as its “United States Footprint.”

More information as-to DOMINION and other voting processings becomes even more apparent ( See Further Below ).

Basic History Of Dominion Voting Systems Incorporated –

– DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED [ 1201 18th Street, Suite 210, Denver, Colorado 80303 USA ] ( also known as );

– DOMINION VOTING SOLUTIONS ( also known as ); and,

– DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS CORPORATION [ 20 Mowat Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario M6K 3EB, CANADA ].

DOMINION VOTING SOLUTIONS was founded in 2002 in Toronto, Canada by John Poulos and James Hoover. DOMINION VOTING SOLUTIONS INCORPORATED [ of Denver, Colorado is 1 of the 3 voting machine companies used in American Presidential Elections ] purchased PREMIER ELECTION SOLUTIONS from a company named ELECTION SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE L.L.C. [ ES&S of Omaha, Nebraska is another 1 of the 3 voting machine companies used within American Presidential Elections ] during May, 2010 plus, SEQUOIA VOTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED ( of Oakland, California ) in June, 2010. After DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INC. acquired those voting machine companies, it relocated away-from Toronto, Canada to Denver, Colorado in America. Both SEQUOIA and PREMIER voting equipment firms are known as original equipment manufacturers ( OEM ).

As only a point of reference, the third ( 3rd ) voting system machine manufacturer ( used in American Presidential Elections ), is HART INTERCIVIC INCORPORATED ( of Austin, Texas ).

References –

https://patents.google.com/patent/US7111782 &


Interestingly enough, all three ( 3 ) of the voting machine manufacturers and private equity firms ( e.g. H.I.G. CAPITAL L.L.C., STAPLE STREET CAPITAL GROUP L.L.C., MCCARTHY GROUP L.L.C., et. al. ) that own the major election equipment and software manufacturers ( used by 90% of the American voting public nationwide ), that came under investigations into information surrounding security, oversight, finances and ownership ( foreign and domestic ).

References –

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/6588498-Senators-Letters-to-Private-Equity-1.html &


Voting Security Feature Secrets

Not many people are fully aware of the extent by which multiple types of security features are served-up for every voting paper ballot used by Americans.

The following information was obtained from the United States Patent Office and excerpted ( below ) as-to some of those security features.

“… [ The ] plurality of security features embedded in the printer stock and / or printed on the ballot, during the process of printing official ballots.

In the case where the security features include plain or encrypted data, the optical scanner is capable of interpreting the data and verifying it.

Further, if the security features printed on the ballot include a pre-assigned ballot serial number, the optical scanner will be able to verify that the serial number present is authorized for that election and has not already been processed.

The features specifically mentioned above can include but are not limited to:

UltraViolet ( UV ) Security Features –

These are features that are ‘invisible’ when viewed under ‘Normal White Light’ but ‘become visible when ‘illuminated’ by Ultra-Violet Light’ sources … [ and can also possess ] features that ‘absorb Ultra-Violet Light’; typically, these are [ ‘specially formulated chemical matrix properties within ] ‘inks’.

InfraRed ( IR ) Security Features

These are features that are invisible when viewed under normal white light but become visible when illuminated by Infra-red light sources. They can also be features that absorb infra-red light. Typically these are ‘inks’.

Magnetic Security Features –

These are features that have specific magnetic properties; typically, strips of ‘magnetic material embedded in the paper’ however, there are ‘magnetic inks’ also available.

The magnetic properties can be ‘simple – such as a uniform magnetic property – or ‘complex’, such as ‘a strip of material that has varying magnetic intensities along it’ that can represent a ‘pattern’ or ‘data’.

Fluorescent Security Features –

These are features that may be visible or invisible when viewed under ‘normal white light’ and ‘fluorescent light’ with ‘an expected intensity range’ – when illuminated – by certain ‘frequencies of light’ [ lightwave frequencies ]; typically, these are ‘inks’.

Ink ( Visible ) Security Features –

These particular security features consist of ‘very unique visible marks’ easily detectable under ‘normal light’ conditions.

Ink ( Invisible ) Security Features –

These particular security features consist of ‘invisible chemical formula matrix markers’ only detectable using ‘highly specific laboratory methodology equipment’ determining whether a voting ballot paper ink ( itself ) is ‘official’ or ‘fraudulent’.

Watermark Security Features –

Watermarks are typically ‘physical features’ which are ‘imprinted into the paper’, either by ’embedding the layers within the paper’ or by being ’embossed into the paper’.

They are typically visible in normal white light but ‘can not be replicated by printing techniques’.

Watermarks can also, possess:

– UltraViolet Light Features;

– InfraRed Light Features;

– Fluorescent Light Features; or,

– Magnetic Features.

A number of security features can be used in conjunction with each other to further improve security, and make forging or copying ballots even more difficult.

… Scanners ( Detectors ) … are capable of detecting and reading the expected security features on the ballot.

Such detectors are known to be used in [ financial] currency authenticating apparatus.

The definition of ‘which security features to look for’, will form part of the ballot definition for the voting unit so, that the ‘security features’ can be:

– ‘Varied’ between ‘Jurisdictions’;

– [ Varied between ] ‘Elections’; and even,

– [ Varied between ] ‘Precincts’.

That is, ‘a set of security features can be assigned to the ballots’ of each Precinct, Jurisdiction, Election, etc., and the ‘members of the set’ can be:

– ‘Changed’ for ‘different Precincts’;

– [ Changed for ‘different ] Jurisdictions; and,

– [ Changed for ‘different ] Elections’, etc.

One example of a ‘combined set of security features’ would be the existence of:

– Ultra-Violet ( U-V ) Fluorescent Light Features, alternating with Infra-Red Light Features ‘pre-printed on the ballot’.

These features would be detected with both a U-V sensitive and I-R sensitive sensor on the voting unit.

These could also be combined with a human detectable Watermark.

This Watermark can also be detected and processed by the optical scanner provided in the voting unit.

The ‘security features’ ( described above ) can be used, such-that they are grouped into ‘three [ 3 ] basic [ Security Feature ] groups’:

– Static [ Security Feature ];

– Dynamic [ Security Feature ]; and,

– Data [ Security Feature ].

Almost all of the types of [ Security ] Features ( Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, Magnetic, etc. ) ‘could belong to any of the groupings’ depending on ‘implementation’ of the ‘specific security features’.

Paper Security Features –

The group of Static [ Security ] Features refers to the situation, where the:

– [ Security ] feature is placed [ within ] in the ‘paper stock’, and is looked for [ optically scanned ] by the voting unit.

These Static [ Security ] Features ‘do not contain data’, and thus the Security Features solely consist of the ‘Presence of the [ Security ] Feature’ or the ‘Absence of the Security Feature’.

Typically, Static [ Security ] Features can ( for example ) consist of a ‘Mark’ [ within ] in a ‘set Position’ or [ set ] Area’ on the ballot, such that the ”Positioning’ – of the Static [ Security ] Feature – does not change.

Typically, [ Security ] Features are ‘Static’ because they are ‘expensive to alter’.

For example, ’embedding magnetic strips’ [ within ] in ‘paper stock’ is a ‘relatively expensive process’.

Therefore, it is likely that ‘such [ Static Security ] features’ will be ‘incorporated in a large volume of [ paper ] stock’ – at one [ 1 ] time – and not altered frequently; if, at all.

Other Static [ Security ] Features may be selected because of the particular process that is used to create them.

For example, a simple ‘Ink’ ( such as Ultra-Violet or Infra-Red ) [ Security ] Feature could be ‘applied during the paper stock manufacture process’ via a [ print ] ‘roller’ or [ printing ] ‘brush’.

Such an application is relatively difficult to alter so, again would be applied to large batches.

Watermarks are another example of a security feature that is normally Static.

Dynamic [ Security ] Features refer to ‘features that can be varied’, either in Position, Size, Shape or Content.

Typically, [ Security ] Features that are relatively cheap and easy to vary will be used as Dynamic Security Features.

For example, a [ Security ] Feature which is somehow ‘Printed onto the [ Paper ] stock during the manufacture process, such as a ‘Secure Ink Feature ( using Ultra-Violet sensitive or Infra-Red sensitive ) is often a Dynamic [ Security ] Feature.

As it [ Paper ] is printed, at the time of manufacture [ manufacturing ], the ‘Position’, ‘Shape’ and ‘Other Properties’ could be [ for ‘security reasons’ ] ‘Altered’ for ‘different batches’ of ‘paper stock’.

Therefore, the Dynamic Security Features can easily be ‘Varied for different Elections’, [ ‘Varied’ or different ‘Jurisdictions’, or even [ ‘Varied’ for different Precincts ] ‘Districts’ to ‘provide added security’ and ‘prevent counterfeiting of ballots’.

Further, the voting unit can be ‘programmed to detect’ the:

– ‘Specific [ Security ] Feature expected’ [ for the given ‘Election’ and ‘Jurisdiction’ ];

– [ ‘Specific Security ] Shape expected’ [ for the given ‘Election’ and ‘Jurisdiction’ ]; and / or,

– [ ‘Specific Security ] Location expected’ for the given ‘Election’ and ‘Jurisdiction’.

‘Data [ Security ] Features’ are a special group of ‘Dynamic [ Security ] Features’.

They contain ‘data that can be read’ and [ ‘data that can be ] verified’ by ( for example ) the scanner of voting unit.

Typically, the data will be represented in a feature such as a 1-D [ single dimensional ] or 2-D [ dual dimensional ] [ Security ] ‘bar code’.

While the data could be anything, it is preferably a ‘security code’ that can be ‘validated’.

This data can be easily varied for different Elections, Jurisdictions, or even [ Precincts ] Districts.

To ‘further increase the security of the code’, the ‘data can be encrypted’ using a ‘pre-agreed private-public key pair’.

Thus, even if a potential forger managed to create some Paper, with the necessary [ Security ] Feature technology ( for example UltraViolet Ink ) and could ‘reproduce the type of [ Security ] Feature ( e.g. a, barcode ), ‘the forger would have to know the correct security code representing that Election’.

If the ‘barcodes are encrypted’, a scheme can be utilized that would require ‘the forger to also have the public and private keys generated by the Jurisdiction’.

Printed [ Security ] Features, such as those using UltraViolet Ink, InfraRed Ink, Fluorescence Ink, or Magnetic Ink ‘could additionally be applied to each ballot’ – by the ballot [ Paper ] Printer ( e.g. the printer used to print a paper ballot such as the paper ballot shown in Figure 5 ).

This represents a ‘different type of security’ as the ‘Source’ of the Security Feature is not controlled; however, the content is [ controlled] and ‘can be varied’ – at a much lower level of granularity.

For example each [ Paper ] ballot style could have a ‘Printed Security Feature’ that has an ‘Encrypted Code’ representing the [ ‘Specific ] Election’ and ‘Ballot Style’ along with the [ Voting ] Precincts [ Voting Districts ] in ‘which they are valid’.

These Security Features could then be detected and verified by the scanner of the voting unit.

This improvement gives a ‘very fine level of control and security’ to the [ Paper ] ballot ‘Authentication process’.

The Security Features may also be ‘masked by each other’.

For example, a [ Security ] Feature that is Printed using normal visible ‘Ink’ could have a different UltraViolet or InfraRed [ Security ] Feature printed on top of it.

Further, if ‘Paper stock’ and ballot Printer’ [ Security ] Features are ‘combined’, it becomes ‘virtually impossible’ ( and certainly ‘prohibitively expensive’ ) to try to ‘copy’ or ‘forge’ [ Paper ] ballots.

Reference –


Covert Secure Document Registration ( CSDRS) And Automated Authentication Systems ( AAS )


A method for creating a secure document, registering the secure document and verifying the authenticity of the secure document includes receiving a print object that has content.

A security feature, including an identifier, is created and is associated with the content.

The identifier may be a barcode.

The barcode may represent a character string.

The security feature may include the ‘identifier barcode’ and a ‘decoy barcode’ that is not associated with the content.

The identifier barcode ( or, ‘character string’ represented by the barcode ) and the ‘content’, are ‘transmitted to a storage database .

Once stored, the ‘identifier and the content’ are ‘considered registered’.

A print object, that includes the security feature and the content, is then ‘transmitted to a printer for printing’.

More …

Research Reference –


Methods for Securing Invisible 2D Barcodes and Printed Images

Research Reference –


Dominion Voting Systems Incorporated Ballot Level Security Features –

For optical scan voting machines capable of ballot image processing, secure ballot printing, ballot layout authentication and verification, such can be found within U.S. Patent 9,202,113 B2 and US8910865B2 –

US 8,910,865 B2 –

December 16, 2014

– James Hoover

– Dominion Voting Systems Inc.


– Eric Coomer ( Broomfield, CO, USA );

– Larry Korb ( Moraga, CA, USA );

– Brian Glenn Lierman ( Exeter, CA, USA )

Priority: 2012-05-11

Filed: 2014-11-12

Granted: 2015-12-01

Published: 2015-12-01

Methods, systems, and devices are described for adjudicating votes made on voter-marked paper ballots. Voter-marked paper ballots may be scanned to obtain optical image data of the voter-marked paper ballots. The optical image may be analyzed to determine the votes contained in the ballot for …

Abstract –

A ballot authentication system uses a plurality of security features embedded in and/or printed on the paper stock used to print a ballot on which election-choice-information is printed and a voting unit that includes at least a scanner that is configured to detect the plurality of security features that are embedded in and/or printed on the ballot and authenticate the ballot based on the read information. The voting unit of the ballot authentication system can be configured to Verify and confirm that the various security features embedded in and/or ABSTRACT (51) Int. Cl. printed on the ballot is correct for a particular precinct of an G07C I3/00 (2006.01) election. The security features of the ballot authentication (52) U.S. Cl. system can include static, dynamic and data security features.

Reference –

http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&d=PALL&s1=8910865.PN. &


America’s general presidential primary election voting process becomes even more complicated once high-technology applicable to security comes into view.

Secret Reprogrammable EPROM Software Illegally Planted Within DIEBOLD Voting Systems Used Across America

U.S. Election Intelligence ( The Right / Fight To Vote )

In 2012, reports circulated that an incredibly huge quantity of multiple millions of rounds of ammunition for guns were purchased for use by employees of U.S. Post Offices, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Homeland Security, and multiple other government employees too, which no one could make sense of.

People across America are just now beginning to learn that their Constitutional right to vote is being negatively manipulated away-from millions of American citizens who are just now beginning to react by nationwide incidents of protests leading to civil disobedience because the people cannot vote for whom they wish to elect as the new U.S. President for 2016.

The following organization is only one ( 1 ) group attempting to demonstrate voter disenfranchisement and displeasure with the clandestine means by which the American people are having their voting rights surreptitiously removed by the U.S. government in not just one ( 1 ) instance but through a number of means subverting the public election process that is not being fully broadcasted over American mainstream news media television or radio.

What Americans have recently learned, is that not only U.S. Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump is objecting, but Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, and now even more recently Hillary Rodham Clinton too.

What the candidates are objecting-to, and filing civil court lawsuits over, are ‘not all that is going wrong’ with the election process in the United States of America, but ‘only what is negatively impacting them individually’ so, there is a wide disparity of voter problems surfacing of which the American general public only hears little bits and pieces about.

Nothing at all is being broadcasted as to the ‘high-tech computer glitches’ within ‘each and every one of the voting tabulation machines’ manufactured by the DIEBOLD CORPORATION that also produces multiple different bank debit and credit card Automatic Teller Machines ( ATM ) too.



DIEBOLD ‘sensitive locations’, throughout America, remain a closely guarded U.S. national secret security project supervised in buildings shared by contracts with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and other high-tech services too.

In 2008, I stumbled across such a complex in Charlottesville, Virginia where within a very large one ( 1 ) story sprawling complex that appeared to be abandoned, DIEBOLD existed within along with many other clandestine service companies too.

While DIEBOLD and the C.I.A. have numerous problems, the bottomline is so do ‘all American voters’ now just before they elect their President this year so, it’s easy to see both ‘how’ and ‘why’ nationwide civil unrest will erupt in-lieu of the wanton government subversion over the ‘voting rights’ of United States citizens.

I have conducted a fair cross-section of ‘all voting problems in America’, and my ‘short list of video clips’ consisting of ‘all’ are now presented for your review:

Research References –

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=woj-klO4Prs &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FDzMexGSp-k &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=R-xIlBdrODY &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3xTurBkmqqA &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ecv5hPBXsmE &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V7gru2usplY &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SQR-A-e2r_w &

https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCvsye7V9psc-APX6wV1twLg &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x895WbrWkXE &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KngtvqbWiSw &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V1FCdfK8gTY &

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=74OXuxIejRw &


The fact of the matter is, this is ‘not an isolated incident with DIEBOLD’ because in 2008 DIEBOLD machines were transferred out-of the State of California once it was leaked that anyone ‘pressing ( multiple times ) the yellow reset button at the rear of the machine’ could increase the number of votes for any particular candidate!

Unfortunately, DIEBOLD then ‘moved their faulty machines into other U.S. states for voter use again’, and ‘no one did anything to stop this’!

The only “right” U.S. Citizen voters were ‘never guaranteed’ was the ‘right to violently overthrow’ what they ‘cannot peacefully change through voting’; or, can they?!

Americans take their right to vote very seriously, just like most foreign nations, but just ‘how serious’ is what U.S. law enforcement may soon realize.

Now, do they have enough ammunition? You betcha!

References –

https://projectcamelotportal.com/2016/04/16/u-s-election-intelligence/ &


Human Security Breaches Within America’s National Voting System

While performing research in 2020, I learned about America’s systemic voting system problems where, in-addition-to all of the aforementioned, a wide variety of ‘human security issues’ came into view.

America is only beginning to grapple with identifying even more security breaches surrounding American’s ‘right to vote’ moreover this time, by aspects surrounding threats from humankind, which is outlined within the few ‘brief excerpts’ ( below ).

GOP Demands Michigan Vote Count Checks After Glitch Falsely Gives County To Biden

by, Katherine Doyle

November 6, 2020 – 5:16 PM


“Antrim County Clerk Sheryl Guy, a Republican, said the results were skewed after the cards were moved from precincts to county offices and uploaded to a computer. DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED [ ( DVS ) est., at: 20 Mowat Avenue, Suite 100, Toronto, Ontario, CANADA M6K 3EB ] manufactures the software.”


Reference –


Antrim County Election Results Investigated After Red Michigan County Turns Blue

by, Paul Egan ( Detroit Free Press )

November 4, 2020 Updated 6:57 p.m. / Originally 2:03 p.m.


“[ The County of ] Antrim, uses DOMINION [ DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED ( DVS ) ] voting equipment and, ‘does not use cellular modems to transmit [ ballot voting tabulations ] results’ from precincts [ voting facilities ] to [ Antrim ] County offices, Guy [ Sheryl Guy, Antrim County Clerk ] said, instead the ‘data is transported by election officials’.

Guy [ Sheryl Guy, Antrim County Clerk ] said she is in talks with the company [ DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INCORPORATED ( DVS ) ], that maintains the election equipment, but the apparent glitch could also be the result of unspecified ‘human error’.”


Reference –


Former Michigan State Senator Exposes Voting Scandals In Detroit

by, Emily Mangiaracina

November 7, 2020 10:26 a.m.


[ former State of Michigan Senator, an aerospace engineer, Patrick Colbeck ] noted, “The poll workers themselves are fairly cooperative. They just want to do the right thing. But, some of the Chief Election Officials seemed to be intent on interfering with actual oversight activities of our officials, which is blatantly against the law. And ‘that interference’ did ‘not start on election day’ [ November 3, 2020 ]. It started well before that.”


In addition to being a former Michigan state senator I was also an aerospace engineer. I worked doing cabling design for the space station, and I also am a certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist,” said Colbeck.

“So the first thing that I checked out when I got into the AV counting board was the network topology for the computerized tabulators, the electronic poll books, adjudicators, and the election official computers.”

‘Blatant Lying’ About Internet Connection

Colbeck told Stover he found it very concerning that “every single one of these computers [used for the voting process], except for the electronic poll books, connected to the internet.”

“That’s kind of interesting, because that opens up the door to a lot of people tapping into this network,” he explained. “I don’t care if it’s secure, if the communications are encrypted, if they got a VPN network, it doesn’t matter. There are people a lot smarter than I am that know how to break this in a matter of minutes.”

“When I walked in, one of the first things that I did was I walked around to all the computers. With the exception of the electronic poll books, and they all had that icon saying they’re connected to the internet.”

“I asked the head of the election bureau – his name was Daniel Baxter – I go, are any of these computers connected to the internet? And he told me, ‘No they’re not.’”

“I walked through again, and I heard about what happened earlier in the day, I think it was 10 am, a message had popped up on a computer screen that startled one of the poll workers, that said, ‘Your computer is being hacked.’”


“So there’s another election official, the former state representative by the name of David Nathan, and I said, ‘David, are these computers connected to the internet?’” explained Colbeck.

“And he says, ‘No they are not.’ And I go, ‘Well can you verify that for me?”

“And all he had to do was move that little mouse cursor over the land connectivity icon in the bottom right hand corner, and it’ll pop up and say you’re connected to the internet or you’re not.”

“And he said, ‘No, you’re just gonna have to trust me.”

“And I said, ‘Dave, I’m sorry, but maybe somebody lied to you.’ I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. And I’m saying, ‘I’d like to have verification that the computer isn’t connected to the internet.”

“And he said, ‘You’re just gonna have to trust me. And that’s where it was left.”

Commenting on whether there are laws in place prohibiting use of the internet during vote counts, Colbeck said, “There [ are ] laws against manipulating election results. I don’t care if you do it by throwing in a whole bunch of extra ballots or whether or not you decide to be savvy with SQL databases. Either way it’s the same effect and you’re manipulating election results.”


Reference –


A recent foreign news article, indicated the information ( immediately above ) appeared to partially surround recent adjustment of Antrim County having to hand-count all their ballots where it and other state counties use the DOMINION VOTING SYSTEM INCORPORATED ( DVS ) software for its voting machines so, an American public need exists to more closely examine voting results within several other states using the same DOMINION VOTING SYSTEMS INC. voting machine software to determine similar voting machine software discrepancies.

Reference –

Trump Flips Michigan County After ‘Error’ Initially Had Biden In The Lead, November 7, 2020 / 08:54 a.m.: https://www.rt.com/usa/505967-michigan-antrim-county-error-trump-biden/

The One Sentence Lesson From U.S. Government Class Professor –

The sad fact is that, for decades very few United States citizens ever came to fully realize all the secret details within America’s selection process of casting their votes ‘for’ or ‘against’ certain ‘legislations that become law’ in-addition-to selecting their political leaders too, all subjected to secret high technology manipulations and security countermeasures.

People of populations really need to at-least take a brief peek into what is going on within their Nation’s election system.

If people do not want to know all about ‘the high technology nuances and anomalies’, that’s understandable.

The very least people need-to-know is where their initial vote goes, on to yet ‘another electoral process’, which for many is a ‘hidden process people know little to nothing about’.

And, that so-called ‘hidden process’, isn’t really hidden; except for the fact, few people have ever even heard of it before or even knew ‘it actually exists’.

‘The System’, automatically takes people’s ‘initial ballot vote’ up the proverbial ladder into yet ‘another voting process’ most people do not fully understand.

Looking back in time, I finally came to honestly admit to my own self that I was an ‘American political dumby’ for at-least 9-years, i.e. during my high school education, military education plus, throughout one ( 1 ) American war too.

I was an ‘American political dumby’, even after beginning a U.S. ‘public high school’ at 13-years old, even after the school Principal presented me with a commendation in mathematics at 14-years old, even after attending junior college at 16-years old while still attending that same U.S. public high school I finally graduated at 17-years old.

By 20-years old, in 1972, after having completed my U.S. military obligation during the Viet Nam War honorably, awarded a national defense service commendation, certified in U.S. National Traffic Safety, attended a Weapons Control Systems Electronics CounterMeasure and Counter-CounterMeasure computer school, and graduated from Air Intelligence Operations school, briefed and debriefed U.S. military officer pilots from the rank of Second Lieutenant up-to Lieutenant Colonel on overseas bombing missions for my Tactical Fighter Wing Squadron, I still remained an ‘American political dumby’.

It wasn’t until 1974, at 22-years old upon re-entering junior college ( this time at’ Fullerton Junior College ), during the first ( 1st ) day of my ‘United States Government’ class, the Professor asked:

“How many of you believe ‘your vote elects the President of the United States of America’?”

Everyone’s hand in our entire class raised their hands up into the air, as though we all unanimously voted on our collective brilliance.

After lowering our hands, the Professor mumbled something to himself about why we were in attendance, and then in a clearly raised voice, instructed:

“If you forget everything else in classrooms, here, you had better remember at-least ‘this’:

The ‘Electoral College’ elects the President of the United States’, ‘not you’; the populace, of the American voting public.”

It was at ‘that particular moment in time’, I finally and quickly came to realize I was ‘not as smart as I thought I was’.

Musing to myself, was then the fact that for the past 9-years, I was an ‘American political dumby’ because of finally learning at-least that one ( 1 ) basic educational lesson about my American federal U.S. government world of politics.

By April 1976, a retired C.I.A. case officer named John V. Lynch ( Tustin, California ) invited me to become his Assistant Campaign Manager for his State Senatorial political race, which I accepted. He later sponsored my membership into the Los Angeles Chapter of the Southern California CounterIntelligence Corps Association ( SCCIA ).

In 1977, at Chapman University, I began a political internship assignment within the State of California at the Orange County Republican Campaign Headquarters whose Director invited me to become his Assistant Director.

And by the time 1983 rolled around, not welcoming all the rude awakenings I had learned, I ventured overseas to Western Europe where I began learning more of which I did not welcome there so, I returned to America trying to make it an even better place.

However, It was upon that additional rude awakening, I began realizing there was a lot more information I needed to learn from studies, observations, collections, research, analysis and operations plus a whole lot more, which would only come after more international experiences, field operational assignments, and keeping my eyes and ears open for bits and pieces of information leading me into more knowledgeability and understandings, which I’ve been publicly presenting through internet report publications since December 1998.

In 2002, I took on yet another government assignment ( this time in Eastern Europe ) where the first 90-days I remained primarily in seclusion working from my desk, afterwhich I ventured out to learn more about the meaning of life from within NATO war torn Third World recuperating nations, and after 4-years, for America’s people government, I returned in late 2006 to try making more people even-better aware of their precise positionings within an entire world that is really unfamiliar to mostly Americans.

By continuing my myriad of research and report topic publishings to-date my goals remain unchanged, from the ground to beneath the sea and above the skies beyond outer-space, always in best regards for all walks of life.

Shockingly, even upon my return in 2006 wherein America as I once was 20-years earlier, I remain being ground asunder while remaining here trying to help others better comprehend some of what I learned for nearly 50-years in the global information business of intelligence.

America’s Electoral Voting Process Basics –

According to the aforementioned rude awakening I underwent in college government class at 23-years old, American Presidential elections are not solely determined by people submitting voting ballots to their state district precincts, as introductorily explained decades ago by my professor.

Presidential elections are basically concluded through the ‘Electoral College’ process by which its ‘Electoral Members’ ( Electors ), whom ‘vary in numbers’ according to ‘their particular political party’ in-addition-to each individual state’s ‘Districting’ voting measures considering ‘voter demographics’ providing a ‘pre-selected number’ of ‘Electors’ whom, ‘submit their votes’ for the “Electoral College” vote tally process to finally determine ‘who’ becomes actually elected as ‘The President of the United States of America’.

Voting ballot measures, on ‘ReDistricting’ has a direct bearing on ‘how many ( more or less ) numbers of political party Electors shall be able to submit their individual votes’ within the Electoral College collective of Electors votes tallied determining who shall become the President of the United States of America.

Clear as mud, right?




Nobody.  Not me nor a single credible individual; ran around telling anybody, this was gonna be easy – nor fast.

As a matter of fact – President Trump told us straight up. He said, and I quote – “I am a war time President”.

Well …. Let’s ponder on that for a moment.

*Looks at American War Involvement from 2016-2020*

.stk-b99d41b{background-image:url(https://unwontedwayz.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/88cbd-gifmaker_20220605214424008.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important;background-blend-mode:normal !important}.stk-b99d41b{margin-bottom:0px !important}.stk-b99d41b-column{justify-content:center !important}
.stk-3564067{background-color:#000000 !important;background-image:url(https://unwontedwayz.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/223ea-gifmaker_20220617162840988.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important;background-blend-mode:normal !important}.stk-3564067:before{background-color:#000000 !important;opacity:0.5 !important}.stk-3564067-column{justify-content:center !important}

Funny. I didn’t see any wars being fought by the United States Military in the way of which we’ve become so accustomed in that time frame.

So I need you to ask yourself – what, exactly, was he referring to?

Allow me to answer this for you – He was referring to taking down the cabal. You see – the war he is/was commanding is a new kind of war.

It isn’t overt. It isn’t fought with boots on the ground.

It has been fought for decades through backdoor deals, black ops, and infiltration of every single American institution.

It is a war we’d still be unaware of if not for Anons and Other “Conspiracy” Fact Finders…

As Reagan feared – we have been rotted from the inside out.

So how do you fix the rot? The same way.
From the Inside out.

You infiltrate [their] institutions. You play along with [them], you make friends with [them].

You spend so much time around [them], that knowing how [they] operate becomes second nature.

Game Theory

Think Trump’s association with the Clintons, or Epstein.

Or Flynn’s association with certain unsavory characters.

Infiltration goes both ways, friends.

.stk-1e119ec{background-color:#000000 !important;background-image:url(https://unwontedwayz.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/c95d1-gifmaker_20220605222128713.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important;background-blend-mode:normal !important}.stk-1e119ec:before{background-color:#000000 !important;opacity:0.5 !important}.stk-1e119ec-column{justify-content:center !important}

The moment Trump turned on them at the Al Smith dinner, they knew they were done.

The moment he stood in the lobby of the CIA and said he was dismantling the “5th Column”, they knew they had no way out.

And yesterday, when John Durham said “we have it all” – [they] had to face the grim reality that Q isn’t a larp, 305th MI is in full swing…

That Durham isn’t bullshitting around, and that Trump wasn’t lying when he said “we caught the swamp … we caught them all”.

It is slow. It is painful for all involved. I remind you that we were told “it had to be this way”. And I don’t know about you, but everyday that passes I see more and more waking up.

I see more and more liberals ditching their support for Democrats and the far left.

People truly needed to be shown how deep corruption and darkness went.

Simply telling them would have done no good at this point…

The Great Awakening is also The Great Unveiling.

We are all being forced to look in a mirror and adjust our perspective, priorities…

We are all being forced to deal or to feel fear at it’s most primal level – for that is when fight or flight kicks in, and I truly believe [they] are about to see that the majority of humans will in fact choose fight over flight.

And therein lies the purpose of the scare events leading up to the main scare event, being necessary.

Because only legitimate fear awakens the warrior in every soul.

We all feel it. Even myself. If you say you aren’t a little afraid or worried at this point, you’re lying.

It’s okay to be afraid, but make sure to let it pass. Don’t hold on to it.

Don’t allow it to dictate the level of hope, belonging or light you contain.

You are a Light. A beacon.

We are all here to manifest glory and light. We are all here for a purpose. And that purpose is NOT to watch the world fall for darkness like it has for centuries.

Our purpose is in witnessing the dawn, of an age of glory and peace once again.

.stk-bde0752{background-color:transparent !important;background-image:url(https://unwontedwayz.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/3615f-gifmaker_20220605215025246.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important;background-blend-mode:normal !important}.stk-bde0752:before{background-color:transparent !important;opacity:0.5 !important}.stk-bde0752{margin-bottom:68px !important}.stk-bde0752-column{justify-content:center !important}

Be not afraid.

Glory lies ahead. 

Light surrounds you.

Be The Light within you.


.stk-6374a4c{background-color:transparent !important;background-image:url(https://atomic-temporary-197759295.wpcomstaging.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/GifMaker_20220605222343759.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important;background-blend-mode:normal !important}.stk-6374a4c:before{background-color:transparent !important;opacity:0.5 !important}.stk-6374a4c-column{justify-content:center !important}

Death Must Come to Globalists

In Life 17 Keeps coming up . 17th letter of the alphabet is Q. Trump had 17 flags at his last talk before he got on Air Force One.

Apparently there were 17 intelligence agencies that verified the Russian shit. And it was a whole bunch of other instances that people were pointing out on the internet from Trump posts and speeches…

It’s just too weird it’s like when the number 33 comes up all the time, all the time, all the time; on the news or whatever, it always happens…

Why do they call the truth, Fake News? Cause Willfull Liars was taken

As for the peaceful advancement, it’s too late.

Too many have already stained their souls with Deep State activities that cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

There will have to be a large proportion of the Deep State that will pay the ultimate price.

Look up William Morgan 1832.

That started the first Deep State culling from 40,000 to 5,000 but that has again grown to 1 million Worldwide that have to be taken out.

So even in Peace, you will need to fight and hunt like a starving Hunter to get these people removed from any position where they can harm humanity.

The choices seem clear at this time…

Either 1 million must die or 7.2 billion will die…

The choice is humanity’s to make.

.stk-6599b7f{background-image:url(https://unwontedwayz.files.wordpress.com/2022/11/5227e-80e3981e-d48d-4f9f-8fcb-912d4d04e26c-copy.gif) !important;background-attachment:fixed !important;background-position:center center !important;background-repeat:no-repeat !important;background-size:cover !important}.stk-6599b7f:before{background-color:#000000 !important;opacity:0.3 !important}


Disney’s Unconstitutional Immunity


With advice from former CIA operatives and lawyers, Disney bought up the land for Florida’s Disney World and orchestrated a unique legal situation – and set up an unconstitutional form of government.

Protesting Child Sex Crimes By Disney Employees

Starting in the mid-1960s when Disney set out to establish the Disney World Theme Park, they were determined to get land at below market prices and Disney operatives engaged in a far-ranging conspiracy to make sure sellers had no idea who was buying their Central Florida property.

By resorting to such tactics Disney acquired more than 40 square miles of land for less than $200 an acre, but how to maintain control once Disney’s empire had been acquired?

The solution turned out to be cartoon-simple, thanks to the CIA.

Disney’s key contact was the consummate cloak-and-dagger operator, William “Wild Bill” Donovan.

Sometimes called the “Father of the C.I.A,” he was also the founding partner of Donovan, Leisure, Newton & Irvine, a New York law firm whose attorneys included future C.I.A. director William Casey.

Donovan’s attorneys provided fake identities for Disney agents; they also set up a secret communications center, and orchestrated a disinformation campaign. In order to maintain “control over the overall development,”

Disney and his advisers realized, “the company would have to find a way to limit the voting power of the private residents” even though, they acknowledged, their efforts “violated the Equal Protection Clause” of the U.S. Constitution.

Here again the CIA was there to help.

Disney’s principal legal strategist for Florida was a senior clandestine operative named Paul Helliwell. Having helped launch the C.I.A. secret war in Indochina, Helliwell relocated to Miami in 1960 in order to coordinate dirty tricks against Castro.

At a secret “seminar” Disney convened in May 1965 Helliwell came up with the approach that to this day allows the Disney organization to avoid taxation and environmental regulation as well as maintain immunity from the U.S. Constitution.

It was the same strategy the C.I.A. pursued in the foreign countries. Set up a puppet government; then use that regime to do your bidding.

Though no one lived there, Helliwell advised Disney to establish at least two phantom “cities,” then use these fake governments to control land use and make sure the public monies the theme park generated stayed in Disney’s private hands.

On paper Disney World’s “cities” would be regular American home towns – except their only official residents would be the handful of hand-picked Disney loyalists who periodically “elected” the officials who, in turn, ceded complete control to Disney executives.

In early 1967, the Florida legislature created Hallowell’s two “cities,” both named for the artificial reservoirs Disney engineers created by obstructing the area’s natural water flow.

When you visit Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you are visiting the City of Bay Lake, Florida. The other was the City of Lake Buena Vista.

In both “cities,” in violation of both the U.S. and Florida Constitutions the Disney-engineered legislation established a property qualification for holding elective office, requiring that each candidate for office there,

“must be the owner, either directly or as a trustee, of real property situated in the City to be eligible to hold the office of councilman.”

Disney Legislation

Though enacted by the legislature, this and other crucial pieces of Disney-enabling legislation, which would reshape central Florida and affect the lives of tens of millions of people, was written by teams of Disney lawyers working in New York at the Donovan firm, and in Miami at Helliwell’s offices.

Disney lawyers in California signed off on the text before it was flown to Tallahassee where, without changing a word, Florida’s compliant legislators enacted it into law.

“No one thought of reading it,”

One ex-lawmaker later remarked

Later, after the houses there were sold, compliant legislatures excluded all the residents of Celebration from Disney’s domain, to prevent them from voting.

Those who were there never forgot the day Disney inaugurated what truly would be a magic kingdom in Florida – magically above the law. The Governor and his Cabinet came down from Tallahassee. TV crews were in attendance, along with Florida’s most eminent civic leaders. Right on schedule, the curtains parted.

On the screen, Walt Disney gave his much beloved, self-deprecating smile, then announced that in Florida he was going to create a new kind of America, not just a theme park.

There would, “be no landowners, and therefore no voter control,” Disney responded, when asked how he planned to maintain control.

If Florida, among all the many melodramas of the last 500 years, could be said to have had only one defining moment, this was because in this place, at this particular time, the distinction between reality and fantasy – nature and names – vanished entirely.

Walt Disney was dead when he made this presentation. A chronic smoker, he had died of lung cancer seven weeks earlier.

As the lips of the dead Disney moved, people in the audience murmured their agreement. As his hands gestured, they nodded their approval. The posthumous Walt Disney, like the mechanical Andrew Jackson in the Hall of the Presidents, had joined Mickey, Donald, and the Sorcerer’s Apprentice in that special world where it doesn’t matter whether you’re real or not.

A month before he died Disney confirmed it was all a trick.

There would,

“be no landowners, and therefore no voter control,”

Walt Disney

responded when asked how he planned to maintain control.

Of course he was right about creating a new kind of America.

By turning the State of Florida and its statutes into their enablers, Disney and his successors pioneered a business model based on public subsidy of private profit coupled with corporate immunity from the laws, regulations, and taxes imposed on actual people that now increasingly characterize the economy of the United States.

Over the decades Disney World has shown that, once tasted, partial impunity is never enough. As Disney World’s powers increased, its lobbyists made sure the State of Florida lost even the authority to protect the public from injury and death there.

In June 2005 Rob Jacobs, at the time chief of Florida’s Bureau of Fair Rides Inspection, summed up the human meaning of such impunity.

“We don’t have the authority to close the park down or close the rides.”

Rob Jacobs 2005
We Have It All, The Cabal Will Fall

One reason no federal court has ever ruled on the unconstitutionality of Disney World’s violation of voting rights is that no one so far has challenged it.

It is as though a crucial sector of the New York metropolitan area – Wall Street, for instance – were exempted from democracy as well as taxation, government regulation and the rule of law, and no one so much as protested.



From oddities / TO conspiracies / TO shockingly mind-blowing videos / to emotionally dull or “WTF” moments – CONSUMPTION OF OUR CRAZY timE HERE ON THIS PLANET

“We Got Y’all Covered”

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Veterans and Patriots From All Across America Will Rise Up United, As One Coalition Against Those Who Have Infringed Upon Our Constitution and the Rights It Bestows Upon Us.


⚔️🇺🇸🔥📜 ~ Be Ready For Anything


⚔️🇺🇸🔥📜 ~ Personal US Currency 💲 From ALL Financial Institutions and Take Full Physical Possession of It


⚔️🇺🇸🔥📜 ~ Nearest Government or Public Facilities, Occupy and Do Not Vacate Unless Demands Are Met.

{Court Houses, Town Halls, Libraries, Guard Armories, Public Works/Utilities Buildings}


⚔️🇺🇸📜🔥~ Elected Individuals Who have Violated Their Oath of Office To Resign Immediately and Relinquish Thier Power Back To The People

⚔️🇺🇸📜🔥 ~ Dissolve Any and ALL Unelected Positions of Power and Beauracracies That Are Not of The Military Force nor Voted Upon By The People {CDC, FBI, FDA, NIH}

⚔️🇺🇸📜🔥 ~ No Taxation Without Representation {No More Back Door Deals and Unconstitutional Taxes.

⚔️🇺🇸📜🔥 ~ Bring ALL Actors Who are Complicit In and A Party To, Intentionally or Unknowing; The On Going, Crimes Against Humanity and Geniside via Coronavirus Pandemic; As Well As, All Treasonous Actors Involved In The 2020 Election Fraud and Bring Them Before the People For Judgment.

United Patriots of America Coalition For Preservation of The Constitution and The Rights It Bestows Upon America #RiseUpAmerica #UPAC

🗝️UnWonTed 🤬WaYz📜
Media Brought To Patriots UnWontEDLY


~ Pre-Recorded News Reporting
~ Live On the Scene Broadcasting
~ Video Compilation Intelligence Reports

All Things Censored or Banned brought to Freedom Loving Patriots, in UnWonTed WaYz!

From oddities, conspiracies of shockingly mind blowing videos to emotionally dull or “WTF” moments in time. Always Informative and Dedicated to the Constitution.

We compliment all things with liberty, yet keep nothing from the eyes of the beholder.

Integrity though journalism and intelligence through realism, all the WaYz we can get information to you UnWonTed-ly!

Member in good standing with the:
Constitutional First Amendment Press Association. (CFAPA.ORG)

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What In The Heck, Tin Foil Hatters Were Right

~ Oddities In The Sky
~ Conspiracy Theories Become Truths
~ US LT Governor Assaulted By Cops
~ Creepy 90s Biden
~ US Mayor Puts His Foot Down
~ Enough is Enough


💊 New WaYz To Wake Up 💉
A daily compilation of things the Media hushes and keeps from YOU


🗝️ UnWonTed 📜 WaYz 📡
Media and News Production In UNorthodox WaYz

All Things Censored 🛑 or Banned 🚫 brought to you in UnWonTed WaYz, which you may have never seen before.

💣 Pre-Recorded News Reports
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We PROMISE to bring you breaking news and information about the world around you, and do so without malice and in an un-biased narrative.

We decided to take a stand for truth, and independent Journalism, by creating this website to get the truth out to ALL of those, who wish to know it.  Through new daily submissions such as:

A daily compilation of things the Media hushes and keeps from YOU!

After being censored and banned by top social media platforms, for speaking the truth about the Actionable Intelligence and Breaking News we collected and researched…

          🗝️ UnWonTed 🤬 WaYz 📜

Media Production In An UNorthodox WaYz, vows to forever be a beacon of information and world news that is NOT part of any agenda.  Through various media such as:

~ Pre-Recorded News Reports
~ Live On the Scene Broadcasting
~ Information Streams
~ Video Compilations Assorted

UnWonTed WaYz will bring you all the things that have been Censored or Banned, by the main stream media organizations; and bring it to you in UnWonTed WaYz.  In ways, that are unorthodox and in which you may have never seen before. 

From oddities to conspiracies, collections of shockingly mind blowing videos, to emotionally dull or “WTF” moments in time.

We compliment them all and keep nothing from the eyes of the beholder.


Integrity though journalism and intelligence through realism, we strive to bring you the world truthfully, and in all WaYz we can get information to you UnWonTedly!

Censorship and false narratives are not in our best interest nor is it beneficial to our society or the world.


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Enter The Real, Reality Of The World Around You:

  • Question Everything
  • Research What You Do Not Understand
  • Every Voice, Opinion, and Thought MATTERS
  • Never Settle For False Narratives nor Follow The Sheep Herd
  • Fear Brings Control of The Weak, Fear Nothing
  • Nothing In This World Can Break You, But Yourself

One of the wonderful things about site  is how it will constantly evolve as we collectively learn, grow, and interact with one another — but it’s good to know where and why it started, and articulating our integrity goals may just give others inspiration to further thier ideas and battle against censorship.

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