COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO (UnWontedWayz.com) — 10/18/2022

As the sun arose and its shine began to gleam off the side of the Great Rocky Mountains…the Warriors  Motorcycle Club rolled into downtown Colorado Springs.  Their mission: Security…

Their objective: Safety and Commerodery for the 24th Annual Veterans Stand Down in Colorado Springs, CO.

That’s right folks, for the 24th year, local non-profits, veterans advocates, motorcycle clubs and businesses alike; have joined active duty military volunteers, to make sure veterans struggling with homelessness in Colorado Springs, are prepared for winter.

As a veteran in attendance; during Tuesday’s Stand Down for Colorado’s Homeless Veterans, words are hard to find in regards to this, amazing event.  The support for veterans in this community is beyond anything, I as a veteran, have ever experienced.

In the Colorado Springs Auditorium from wall to wall; it was packed with donated goods, winter gear,  and tons tables full of information for veterans, as well as, a plethora of friendly smiling faces, ready to thank every veteran for their service to our great nation. 

Our nation is the greatest in the world, and this event is a shining example of our greatness.

From the Warriors Motorcycle Club to the newly formed U.S. Space Force, along with the El Paso County Coalition for Homeless Veterans; safety, comfort and security was top priority.  Everyone who volunteered their time, wanted to make sure unhoused veterans are properly equipped with coats, fresh socks, and blankets.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure if they’re not ready, they got what they need for the wintertime,” said Col. Michael Schriever with the U.S. Space Force.

Many of the active duty military who volunteered for the event had the same answer to the question:
Why Did You Volunteer Today?

The answer:

“The stories, these folks have some of the best stories to tell, and it’s an honor to be one of the people who get to hear them.” said, Airman Herron U. S. Air Force

While Tuesday’s event might be over, however… the help doesn’t end there.  Throughout the rest of the year, the El Paso County Coalition is working to address homelessness. They’re using grants from the state to pay rent, bills and to get veterans that are in transition, into temporary housing.

The annual Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event, has been around since 1998.  The effect has been amazing at fighting homelessness for veterans… And it should be a shining example to States and counties all across America, who have veterans experiencing homelessness.

For more information on the Homeless Veterans Coalition:


Community Helping Veterans

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