Nobody.  Not me nor a single credible individual; ran around telling anybody, this was gonna be easy – nor fast.

As a matter of fact – President Trump told us straight up. He said, and I quote – “I am a war time President”.

Well …. Let’s ponder on that for a moment.

*Looks at American War Involvement from 2016-2020*

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Funny. I didn’t see any wars being fought by the United States Military in the way of which we’ve become so accustomed in that time frame.

So I need you to ask yourself – what, exactly, was he referring to?

Allow me to answer this for you – He was referring to taking down the cabal. You see – the war he is/was commanding is a new kind of war.

It isn’t overt. It isn’t fought with boots on the ground.

It has been fought for decades through backdoor deals, black ops, and infiltration of every single American institution.

It is a war we’d still be unaware of if not for Anons and Other “Conspiracy” Fact Finders…

As Reagan feared – we have been rotted from the inside out.

So how do you fix the rot? The same way.
From the Inside out.

You infiltrate [their] institutions. You play along with [them], you make friends with [them].

You spend so much time around [them], that knowing how [they] operate becomes second nature.

Game Theory

Think Trump’s association with the Clintons, or Epstein.

Or Flynn’s association with certain unsavory characters.

Infiltration goes both ways, friends.

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The moment Trump turned on them at the Al Smith dinner, they knew they were done.

The moment he stood in the lobby of the CIA and said he was dismantling the “5th Column”, they knew they had no way out.

And yesterday, when John Durham said “we have it all” – [they] had to face the grim reality that Q isn’t a larp, 305th MI is in full swing…

That Durham isn’t bullshitting around, and that Trump wasn’t lying when he said “we caught the swamp … we caught them all”.

It is slow. It is painful for all involved. I remind you that we were told “it had to be this way”. And I don’t know about you, but everyday that passes I see more and more waking up.

I see more and more liberals ditching their support for Democrats and the far left.

People truly needed to be shown how deep corruption and darkness went.

Simply telling them would have done no good at this point…

The Great Awakening is also The Great Unveiling.

We are all being forced to look in a mirror and adjust our perspective, priorities…

We are all being forced to deal or to feel fear at it’s most primal level – for that is when fight or flight kicks in, and I truly believe [they] are about to see that the majority of humans will in fact choose fight over flight.

And therein lies the purpose of the scare events leading up to the main scare event, being necessary.

Because only legitimate fear awakens the warrior in every soul.

We all feel it. Even myself. If you say you aren’t a little afraid or worried at this point, you’re lying.

It’s okay to be afraid, but make sure to let it pass. Don’t hold on to it.

Don’t allow it to dictate the level of hope, belonging or light you contain.

You are a Light. A beacon.

We are all here to manifest glory and light. We are all here for a purpose. And that purpose is NOT to watch the world fall for darkness like it has for centuries.

Our purpose is in witnessing the dawn, of an age of glory and peace once again.

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Be not afraid.

Glory lies ahead. 

Light surrounds you.

Be The Light within you.


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Death Must Come to Globalists

In Life 17 Keeps coming up . 17th letter of the alphabet is Q. Trump had 17 flags at his last talk before he got on Air Force One.

Apparently there were 17 intelligence agencies that verified the Russian shit. And it was a whole bunch of other instances that people were pointing out on the internet from Trump posts and speeches…

It’s just too weird it’s like when the number 33 comes up all the time, all the time, all the time; on the news or whatever, it always happens…

Why do they call the truth, Fake News? Cause Willfull Liars was taken

As for the peaceful advancement, it’s too late.

Too many have already stained their souls with Deep State activities that cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

There will have to be a large proportion of the Deep State that will pay the ultimate price.

Look up William Morgan 1832.

That started the first Deep State culling from 40,000 to 5,000 but that has again grown to 1 million Worldwide that have to be taken out.

So even in Peace, you will need to fight and hunt like a starving Hunter to get these people removed from any position where they can harm humanity.

The choices seem clear at this time…

Either 1 million must die or 7.2 billion will die…

The choice is humanity’s to make.

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